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As an obscure line that very few members of the public ever traveled, Hellingly doesn't feature in very many normal railway books. If it does, then I've probably got a copy of them. I present a list of the mail books it features in here. Many are out of print but if you are interested, it's worth making the effort to seek them out.



The Hellingly Hospital Railway by Peter Harding

The Hellingly Hospital Railway by Peter Harding.


This is the book about the line and the one that inspired me to build the model.


32 pages long with plenty of black and white photos, the A5 booklet was first published in 1989 and would benefit from some updating now. I have offered to help !


The text is comprehensive and must have taken ages to research. There are also track plans and drawings of the rolling stock.


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Hospital Tramways and Railways by David Voice

Hospital Tramways and Railways by David Voice


If you are interested in weird little railway lines and fancy building a model of something hospital based, then this is the book for you. Over 50 railways are covered in the A4 hardback publication and most of them are very tempting as potential layouts.


Hellingly appears on pages 49-51 and there is even a photo of my model in there. Several other prototype pictures are included although these are also in the Harding book.


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Around Hailsham by Russel and Gillet

Around Hailsham by David K Russell & Alan Gillet


As I got more interested in the history of the Hospital my search for literature spread beyond railway titles. On a visit to the prototype, I picked this book up in a local bookshop.


Pages 101 to 106 feature well reproduced black and white photos of various parts of the establishment. None of these are of interest from a railway point of view, but they help give a much better understanding of the history. The only railway shot is of the station and shows the wooden platform that the tramcar used to pick visitors and patients from.


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The Railway Magazine December 1957

The Railway Magazine - December 1957


Pages 869 to 872 feature an article by H R Stones AM Inst T on Hellingly and were written while the prototype was still "Modern Image". The text gives a brief run down on the history and a trip along the tracks.

Model Railway News - September 1960

Model Railway News - September 1960


A Thomas has drawn a fantastic plan of the locomotive and provides copious technical notes on the prototype. Pages 342 and 343

Railway Magazine - July 1970

Railway Magazine - July 1970


Possibly one of the most obscure but useful sources of information published. In the letter page on page 402, Anthony Barlow write about the locomotive and explains where it was built. He even provides a photo of it alongside a slightly smaller but otherwise identical version. Where this ended up I'm not sure but more information would be welcome.


This model has made the following magazine appearances:


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